Attendify, a Ukrainian-Us citizen occurrence iphone app applied by Google, Cisco, Philips and other people, raises $1M

PromoRepublic, a Finnish startup with Ukrainian origins, has fixed 400,000 by a swimming pool of investors: Finnish online business angels Sampo Pekka and Parkkinen Koskinen, start-up Digital Future accelerator and fund Vendep, Finland’s state agency Tekes, and Ukrainian account Virtual Long term future. PromoRepublic gives a product which helps freelance marketing experts prepare blog posts for social networks. An initial 100,000 funds injections from Pekka Koskinen, Vendep and Tekes occurred in Sept . 2015, PromoRepublic co-creator and CEO Maximum Pecherskyi explained to Ukraine Electronic digital News reports Oleksii Vitchenko. Pecherskiy desires to get further guidance from Finnish Tekes: After the start-up gets to a particular volume of cash and figure of clientele, it quickly will get permission to access a 1.25 mil comply with-up funds as being devoted to marketing or advertising and selling. Originally located just as one all-in-definitely one traffic generation specialist, the new venture now is focused on Calendar of Article content Recommendations, an attribute that can help free lance entrepreneurs setup stunning social media marketing posts based on trends, vacations, way more and happenings. We consumed 1 month in San Boston, Francisco and New York and recognized how this sell works.

We watched that contacting small establishments direct is quite tedious, but likewise we found out an extremely-established sector of independent promoters, so that we decided to concentrate on this narrow segment by tailoring a product with their should have, Pecherskyi pointed out. (more…)